A true biography would be far too long, starting with a little girl who spent most her time drawing and reading and grew up wanting to paint book covers to now, so I'll hit the semi interesting highlights.

The art life called to me so I left a corporate job at the age of 28 to go to college hoping to make my dream of being an illustrator reality.

I spent six years in college, four of those in San Jose State University's illustration/animation program, also called,  "art boot camp" by those of us who survived. That training has allowed me to work in many diverse art fields,  illustration being my main career.

I've been lucky enough to learn from some of the best in the industry, Barron Storey, Alice Carter, Glen Vilppu, and Steve Huston to name a few and I've spent the last several years, paying to forward by teaching art. 

My goal now is create my own graphic novels and continue my illustration career.